?Pocket size, easy to operate
?Automatic Probe Zero Calibration
?Automatic Probe identification
?Suitable for various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, polystyrene, polyethylene
?Average calculation of max 9 readings
?Limits setting Low-High
?Standard 5.0MHz transducer included, optional transducers 7.5MHz, 2.0MHz, 5.0MHz high temperature
?9 material velocities are stored for selection, or entre the new velocity manually
?Display resolution selectable at 0.1mm / 0.01 inches and 0.01mm /0.001 inches
?Memory of 5000 readings with location number (DC2020C)

Technical Specification:

Specification DC2000C DC2020C
Display?28×64 with backlight ??br /> Measuring range?.65-400mm(0.025-15.78inch) (range depends on probe-material combination) ??br /> Velocity rate: 9 material velocities are stored for selection, or entre the new velocity manually (1000m/s-9999m/s) ??br /> Average mode? to 9 times average measurement -- ?br /> Limit setting:With Low-High indication and alarm -- ?br /> Calibration:Auto ??br /> Display Resolution?.01mm(0.001 inch)for thickness up to 99.99mm
0.1mm(0.01inch) for thickness above 99.99mm ??br /> Measuring units:mm/inch ??br /> Memory:Memory of max.5000 readings with location number -- ?br /> Data output:USB to PC -- ?br /> Surface temperature?15?to +150?(special probes available) ??br /> Battery indicator:Low battery voltage indicator ??br /> Power supply:AAA dry cell 1.5V (2 pcs.) ??br /> Dimensions?15×64×27mm ??br /> Weight?20g including batteries ??

Specification for optional transducer:

Model Frequency Measuring range Diameter Temperature
D5008 5.0MHz 0.8-300mm Ø10.8 ?0?br /> D5113 5.0MHz 3.0-200mm Ø13 <350?br /> D7006 7.5MHz 0.7-50mm Ø8.5 ?0?br /> D7004 10.0MHz 0.65-20mm Ø5 ?0?br /> D2012 2.0MHz 2.0-400.0mm Ø16.3 ?0?

Standard Delivery:

?Main unit
?Standard 5MHz transducer D5008
?Operation manual
?Two AAA batteries
?Built-in calibration block 4mm
?Carrying case
?Couplant 4 Oz
?Software and cable (DC2020C)