-Model CSL-A Manual Type Notch Cutter-


At the materials of Gap Impact Testing, in the progress of the test, how to process the V-type (or U-type) gap remains the only obstacle. This machine is Manual structure, can according to user’s requirement to check V-type , U-type 2mm?mm and 5mm. Both of these contribute to the easy and realizable operation of the machine. The processed V-type and U-type meet requirements of GB 229-94 -Metallic materials ?Charpy notch impact test- and ASTM E23, EZ3, ISO18 both home and abroad; and the processed U-type (3mm) meet requirement of DIN50115 of DVM samples demand.

Main Technical Parameters:

?Process Samples Gape?V (GB229-94,ISO148?U ?mm,GB229-94?br /> ?Size of Samples?10*10* 55 mm
?Stroke of Broach?350 mm
?Broaching Speed?2.5 mm/min
?Weight?100 Kg