-Impact Test Low Temperature freeze-


Impact test low temperature freezer is a refrigeration instrument according to GB/T229-94, ISO, ASTM standards. The freezer uses a cycle mixing method following heat balance principle to automatically and equably cooling sample and keep temperature. It uses the high precision self-adjusting instrument and platiniridium sensor. It has high precision, high resolution, easy operation and high working efficiency characters.


Type: CDW-30 CDW-40 CDW-60 CDW-65T CDW-80T CDW-100T
Parameters: Range of temperature: -30°~30°,-40°~30°,-60°~30°-65°~30°,-80°~30°-100°~30°
Precision of temperature control: ≤±0.5
Digital time: 0~100 minute
Precision of instrument: resolution 0.01
Medium: Ethanol or other non freezing solution