This tester, the newly designed Brinell hardness tester. It can be widely applied in the factories, scientific research institutes and laboratories of colleges, for determining the Rockwell hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, non-metal materials and their finished parts.


. Full automatic closed loop force sensor control system
. 10 levels of test force selection, 14 testing scales
. Strong structure, accurate and stable testing, high measuring efficiency
. High accuracy readout microscope measuring system
. High travel, large test table
. Large LCD display screen, menu operation, convenient operation
. Conforms to GB/T231.2, ISO 6506-2 & ASTM E18


Measuring range: 4-450HBS, 4-650HBW
Test force: 1838.8、2451.8、7355.3、9807、14710.5、29421N
Max. height of test piece: 400mm
Dwelling time of test force: 2-99s
Depth of throat: 200mm
Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz
Dimensions: 860 x 680 x 1250mm
Height of base: 400mm
Weight: Approx. 400kg

Main accessories:

Large flat anvil: 1 pc.
Small flat anvil: 1 pc.
V-notch anvil: 1 pc.
Carbide ball penetrator: Φ10mm, 2 pcs.
Carbide ball: Φ10mm, 2 pcs.
Brinell standardized block: 2 pcs.
20X Readout microscope: 1 pc